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Gene Roddenberry

It is a shame that most people have no idea who Gene Roddenberry is. The creator of Star Trek was one of the first and greatest human rights advocates, fighting for equal rights along race and gender lines. Not only did the first kiss on TV between a black woman (Uhura) and a white man (Captain Kirk) happen in a Star Trek episode of all things. Even The Next Generation Series adressed Gay rights head on. I truly cannot say enough about this television series - it gave me hope that there might be some normal people out there who believe in the good, in getting along with each other and in respecting even admiring people in their differences. "Infinite Diversity in Infinite combinations" was Roddenberry's credo. I don't know why it took me 4 years to write this post. I even wrote a paper in university on "The reflection of American politis in Star Trek" and "Problems and Problem-solving stratgies in Star Trek."

Out of all the spiritual teachers that have been featured on this blog Gene Roddenberry has influenced me the most, in how I view myself as a citizen of the world rather than belong to any one nationality. I modeled my travel philosophy in accord with Gene Roddenberry’s. If you are out seeking aliens you need a code of behavior:

“As a traveler you are just a visitor at that place and in that particular time. As a traveler it no longer crushes you that this world is not always fair, agreeable or understandable. Your passport allows you to fix what you can and to refuse to take part in ugliness. And you are delighted that it is such a colorful and exciting place. As a traveler you are not here to judge, but to experience. You begin to feel a new affection for people. You are no longer threatened that someone might be greater or lesser than you. It is only important that you have been given this marvelous opportunity to enjoy this trip and to learn from it. The loveliness about things is not their sameness but their infinite variety.”