my own reality


We pretend space isnt there. It is all just backround - and we forget about it. The supremely important thing to be concerned with is like a hypnotic song: eat - sleep - work! In our current culture we can maybe add something like a hedonistic break on the weekend. There we forget ourselves or on the opposite: indulge in our socalled pleasures. We confuse the world as it is with the world that we talk about and describe. There is the real world and then there is a whole system of symbols to use to describe this world. But we confuse the symbols with reality. Like we confuse money with wealth or the name and image of ourselves - with ourself. Check out Les Kaye's speech on spiritualism and the modern world.

I don't mind if you forget me

Yoshitomo Nara

I have read this sentence many times. It is not something we can say without a pause - most of the times we do mind. We do mind that our partner forgot about us. We do mind that our boss didn't promote us but the other person. Or that we didn't leave this impression on someone we wanted to impress. What about family or friends? Do we not mind if they forget us? In this sentence lies one way to peace and back to where we come from. The real self that we cannot see out of ignorance - never minds. It is there - wether we forget it or not.