NIZRAMA means continued effort or the work you put into something. Nizrama Yoga means just getting on the mat - this is all it takes. Caring for yourself, your body, mind and soul, takes continued practice as our focus, life-situations and values change. Have faith in yourself every time you step on the yoga mat. Everything in life can fail, but not the practice you dedicate to yourself.


Nizrama Yoga

– may you find healing, fulfillment and freedom in your continued practice –


Nicoletta Wagenstetter


Nicoletta has been practicing yoga since 2002 and is certified by Yoga Alliance in Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow. Her dynamic flow classes are a moving meditation with focus on strength and control. Nicoletta also offers soft-flow and regenerative prenatal yoga classes and leads prenatal teacher trainings certified by Yoga Alliance.

She teaches classes at several yoga studios in Munich and is a creative writer - see Classes.

She is continuing her practice with Yogita Yoga School and her teacher Joanna Sanchez.



Joanna Sanchez


Joanna offers Yoga Alliance Certified 200-hour and 500-hour Teacher Trainings in India, the USA and Europe. Joanna teaches inspiring ways to develop an intelligent and healing Yoga practice that includes Vinyasa, breath synchronized movement, and the use of props to support our body's needs. 

Go to  Yogita Yoga School to book a unique continued education retreat. Yoga health & wellness weeks with Yogita Yoga School are Yoga Alliance certified and yoga teachers will get continuing education credit towards their current Yoga Alliance certification.